phpDaemon — asynchronous server-side framework of network applications implemented in PHP using famous libevent which makes possible to handle hundreds and thousands of simultaneous connections.
Its master process spawns a bunch of worker-processes (workers) that run your applications. Each worker doesn’t block (sleep) at all, and has event-driven architecture.
Designed for highload.

Main core features:
Dynamic spawning workers
Chroot & Chdir for workers
Automatic graceful reloading user’s scripts when it’s updated.
Graceful worker shutdown (and re-spawn if necessary) by the following limits: memory, query counter, idle time.
Also, you can build binary application server using compiler like PHC (

Network servers:

HTTP server (supports multipart, uploads, etc)
WebSocket server (supports latest protocol specification)
FastCGI server
FlashPolicy server — cross-domain policy at port 843
Socks server.
Network clients:

MySQL client
PostgreSQL client
MongoDB client
Memcache client
Gearman client.
Web applications:

ServerStatus — shows uptime and some other information
WebSocketOverCOMET — allows to use WebSocketConnection in Javascript (COMET, long-polling)
FileReader — allows to share static files.
Support and Community:
Github repository:
Mailing list:
IRC: #phpdaemon
Maintainer —
The project is alive and grows fast, report bugs and they will be fixed very quickly.

Commercial support now available.