Production deployments

It’s just a tiny part of all production deployments. If you want to tell us your story, please, send it to¬†

Our company uses phpDaemon as backend for our real-time chat service for a long time. It works stable, fast, and tiny appetite for resources. What can I say? We’re 100% satisfied.

We use phpDaemon in our social TV service for delivering live events and chat service.


Twins (

The “Twins” game is our first proect with phpDaemon as server-side backend.
We doubted that server written in PHP could work fast enough, but after release we realized that it’s just a prejudices. The server is stable, and most importantly fast!

We note the following good points of phpDaemon:

  • No necessary of another web-server. If you need HTTP server, you can use the one out of the box.
  • High speed of application’s development.
  • Quite many built-in applications that make development easier.


Workbreeze, the realtime freelance job aggregator

We are using phpDaemon as a way to produce and deliver ajax content to user. It is very fast and we are satisfied.